About Us

RITservices is an office IT solutions company dedicated to providing personalized, quality service. Our company is made up of two brothers with a love of computers and electronics. We are looking to combine our hobbies and engineering training to help out the small business community with their IT needs. We provide a range of services designed to setup, organize, and/or maintain an office computer infrastructure.


Our services include:

  • Home & Office
    • Full office computer setup & maintenance
    • Office network setup & maintenance
    • Custom hardware/software installation & maintenance
  • Web Development
    • Website design
    • Maintenance and regular updates
    • Basic HTML education

Please see our services page for a more extensive list.

Custom Services

Running a small IT operation such as ours provides us the flexibility to customize solutions to fit your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any computer related services that you may need and we will do everything we can to work through your needs.